Taylor Swift And Kanye West | Kanye Claims God Asked Him To Spoil Taylor’s VMA Speech |

     Taylor Swift And Kanye West | Kanye Claims God Asked Him To Spoil Taylor’s VMA Speech |

Here we are come up with another interesting story. Yes, friends this time we are going to tell you about Taylor Swift and Kanye West controversy. Kanye West is always in headlines for different reasons.

This time friends, he is again in limelight. I’m sure you all want to know the reason what is this all matter. Well not to keep it more suspense let’s reveal the truth and try to know.

What are Taylor Swift and Kanye West matter after all? Let’s dig into details.

Friends Kanye West revealed that God told him to go onto the stage and crashed Taylor Swift‘s VMA speech. This is surprisingly shocking, isn’t it?

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Well, guys first let me tell you what would have happened at that time. As some of you even don’t know the exact thing. Back then in 2009, When Taylor Swift was receiving her award. The award was the best female video award for her song ‘You Belong With Me‘.

As soon as she started to deliver her winning speech. Out of nowhere, Mr. Kanye West busted during her speech grabbing the mic from her.

For Example, he said to Taylor, he was really happy for her. He would let her finish, but the famous Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! emphasizing again he further said, One of the best videos of all time!”

This is what he said to Taylor on the stage because his favorite Beyonce was also nominated. However, Beyonce could not win that award. In the meantime, Taylor Swift was the one nominee who got the award instead of others.

After that stunt, he pulled. He was criticized by fans and media. They said it was a publicity stunt. He wanted to get some limelight. 

After a long time, he revealed this all in the latest edition of Nick Cannon’s Cannon’s Class podcast show. In this show, he spoke and talked on several topics.

In this case, he told God is the reason he was sitting in the front row otherwise why would he sit there. So whatever he did. It was just because of God. God asked him to do that. He revealed the controversial incident’s truth almost after a decade. 

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Well, friends let’s wait for Taylor Swift’s response over this matter as she didn’t say anything yet.

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We will come back with another interesting topic, Till then take care, and Thank you. 

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