Selena Gomez New Song ‘ICE CREAM’ With BLACKPINK Is A Dope |

           Selena Gomez New Song ‘ICE CREAM’ With BLACKPINK Is A Dope |

Selena Gomez New SongSelena Gomez New songIce cream‘ collaborated with Blackpink has recently released. As soon as this song released, the catchy song is getting lots of attention all over the world. 

While we are writing this article Selena Gomez new song Ice Cream crossed 114 million views on youtube within just two days of this song released. This is awesome, isn’t it?

Well, friends Fans, and media were speculating the past few days since then Selena Posted a picture on her Instagram account. They all were saying something is cooking with Blackpink.

After this Selena Gomez confirmed and announced that their song is coming.

Blackpink is a famous Korean girl group. There are four girls in this music group. In addition to they all are very famous in Korea and not just Korea. Friends now, they have made their name all around the world.  

If we talk about Blackpink and Selena Gomez‘s new song Ice Cream. This song is amazing. The instant you are going to fall in love with this song because of the mind-blowing music and the catchy lyrics of this song.

Selena Gomez is looking so stunning and her voice is matching with the Blackpink girls, which made this song more outstanding.

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The way they are talking about The Ice Cream I don’t think you are going to eat Ice Cream again, in the same way, you ate it before without thinking about this song.

Because Selena and Blackpink are comparing Ice Cream with the other various things. Which is going to take your breath away.

However, the glamour in this video song Ice Cream is just awesome. You all are going to fall in love with that. All the ladies in this song is looking beautiful while they are talking about Ice Cream. 

Well friends it’s kinda cute to see them like this. 

Let me tell you an interesting fact if you are thinking that they did shoot together. Then it might break your heart because they did not shoot together.

Selena shoot by herself and Blackpink shoot by themselves due to pandemic COVID-19.

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I bet if they would shoot together all the girls were going to have fun and enjoy a lot. But sadly it could not happen otherwise you all get the chance to have behind the scenes of Selena Gomez and Blackpink girls in one frame. 

We have seen Selena talking about Blackpink virtually. She was praising them and was eager to work with them. She always wanted to share the space screen with them.

Gomez was fangirling to Blackpink and said she is a huge fan of Blackpink.  Oh My God, They are superb. She can’t even tell in words how amazing all the girls are.

She was unable to stop herself by praising and admiring the girls. As a result, when the girls heard all this they screamed. They were in shock to just receive a compliment from the Selena Gomez.

On the other side If we talk about Blackpink it’s not the first time they have collaborated with the USA singer. Before this, they have already collaborated with Dua Lipa. The song was ‘Kiss and Makeup’ came in 2018.

If you have not seen this song yet go and watch it. I’m sure you are definitely going to love this song. After watching this come and tell us did you like it or not.

What is your opinion regarding this Selpink song? Tell us in the comment section which is down below. If you like our blog please comment and share it with your friends, family, and relatives as well.

We will come back with another interesting topic, Till then take care, and Thank you. 

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