Lady Gaga Songs List | 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs You Must Know About |

                 Lady Gaga Songs List | 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs You Must Know About |

In this post, we are going to tell you ‘Lady Gaga Songs List 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs you must know about. What are these songs and if have not heard these songs?

Then friends you must definitely listen to those songs. So here today we will discuss her music and songs.

So friends if you are a Lady Gaga songs fan. Then it’s a treat for you. Because Lady Gaga is an amazing worldwide singer. And lots of people on the internet search Lady Gaga Songs List or Best Lady Gaga Songs.

So that they can get to know what is her popular song or what one should listen to. Therefore without wasting time let’s jump into Lady Gaga Songs List and try to know the 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs.

Though it’s a difficult thing to select her top ten songs she has so many songs and music albums. And all the music of her is mind-blowing. You can’t choose which one is less good than the next one.

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Even though we will just tell you about just 10 best Lady Gaga Songs.  As we all know Lady Gaga is a famous personality all around the world. Who doesn’t know her? As she is a world-famous name. 

So let’s find out Lady Gaga Songs List | 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs.

             Bad Romance Hit Song

The song Bad Romance is a dope. The way Lady Gaga sang this song I don’t think any other can do. It was released in 2009 and this was the song that made her star.

After this song, she never looked back. She is asking for intense love. In this song, She wants love, love, and just love. If you have not heard this hit song track yet. I would recommend you to go and listen to this intense song.

              Poker Face Hit Number Song

Another masterpiece of Lady Gaga Poker  Face. Which proved again that Lady Gaga is a versatile singer and she can sing any song with any good or bad music. She is a star.

Gaga has a magical voice and this song proved that. In this song, she is talking about playing cards with a different meaning. So friends if you have not heard this yet go and include it in your playlist. I’m sure friends you are definitely going to enjoy it.


This song is actually a collaboration with Beyonce. This song is so good that you are not going to get bored while listening to this song. It’s quite a show watching two famous divas together.

All credit must be given to those people who teamed up them together for this marvelous song. Again if you have not heard this son yet go and watch it. For sure you are going to add this in your playlist. 

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            Marry The Night Hit Song

Another fantastic song by the fabulous singer Lady Gaga. In this song, Gaga is boosting herself and talking about she is not going to give up and going to fight with every obstacle she is going to face and will marry the night.

This song is a very good song for those who are looking for some help just go and listen to this. You will feel energetic again. As it motivates and inspires you in another way. The lyrics of this song is magnificent. Again I will recommend you look at this song.

           Just Dance

This song is a collaboration with Colby O ‘Donis. This song is another fantastic song of her. In this song she is so dizzy and trying find her things but not able to discover them anywhere. You should for sure listen this song as well. I’m sure you will like it not dislike. So friends go and take a look of this song.

           Million Reasons

Her another masterpiece is Million Reasons. In this song you can see her talk about Million reasons what someone should do or not. The lyrics of this song when she says I bow down to pray, I try to make the worst seem better.

This song was another hit song of her. So you must listen to this song if you are her fan.

            Born This Way Lgbt Anthem Song

This song is a gay song. And friends it was a huge hit. This song was number in the billboard list’s top 100 hot charts. I think you should definitely listen to this song. As this is going to definitely make your day.

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This song is from ‘A Star Is Born’ musical movie which was nominated for Oscar awards. This movie was a huge hit. Her chemistry with her co-star Bradley Cooper was the topic of the town.

Fans loved this song so much and they say another version of Lady Gaga. So this song is another masterpiece of her. I’d recommend you to go and listen to this song for once and you will be a fan of this song.

           The Edge Of Glory Hit Number Song

This song The Edge Of Glory came after her grandmother passed away. Pop superstar Lady Gaga sang it with so much intensity that became her one of the best songs. So friends you should listen to this song too.


This is basically a broadway song. Lady Gaga’s one more song to her fans. So if you are her true fan then go and watch it. You are not going to get disappointed. 

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So friends these are 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs and we have told you Lady Gaga Songs List you must definitely know about if you are a true fan.

What is your opinion regarding 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs? You can also tell us which celebrity love story you want to know more. Tell us your interest in the comment section which is friend down below.

If you like our blog please comment and share it with your friends, family, and relatives as well.

We will come back with another interesting topic, Till then take care, and Thank you. 

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