Who Is Kim Kardashian? A Reality Star Or A Billionaire |

                    Who Is Kim Kardashian? A Reality Star Or A Billionaire |

Kim Kardashian, the famous personality of the United States Of America. The famous TV reality star. Is there anyone? Who doesn’t even know, who is Kim Kardashian?

Well, friends being a celebrity icon is not an easy task for anyone or you can say for any celebrity all around the whole world.

This is the only question that often comes into our mind. To get the answer to this question, just ask Kim Kardashian West. What does it like to be? Because She is a famous worldwide name.

Well friends, In this post, I’ll talk about today the famous reality star Kim Kardashian. Yep, today I’m going to talk about who is Kim Kardashian? Is she A Reality Star Or A Billionaire?

Today we will, in this post try to find the answer to this most asked question. So just stuck with us because if you don’t even know anything about her and reading the first time about her.

I can assure you when you will leave this page you will be similar to her and won’t say from now who is Kim Kardashian. So just stay with me here and let’s jump into the main topic without any further ado. Shall we? Yeah…

Friends for Kim, it was not easy to be where she is today. Arise to worldwide household fame took her more than just a few bold choices and self-confidence.

Yes, this absolutely correct. She took some tough decisions and did not care what the result is going to be. She just did what she wanted.

Kim Kardashian Life History

Kim grew up with a famous lawyer in her family. And friends that man was her father Mr. Robert Kardashian. In the meantime, she worked aa a style assistant for Paris Hilton.

Let me tell you Paris Hilton was her Best Friend at that time. It may sound like heaven to some of you but friends for Kim, it was not enough. She wanted more from her life.

After that, she did not just stop here. Kim decided to take her life and the life of her family to the next top-level from a cute little girl to a successful businesswoman. That’s awesome for someone who wants to achieve something in life.

There are so many reasons that can become famous for being famous. But there’s more behind the lens of what appears to be a perfect life.

Kim Kardashian wanted it all and she got it. But what was the price that she had to pay to be like where she and her family today?

Who is Kim Kardashian? the story will show you just how she turned herself into the famous woman we know her as today. And why it could be detrimental to her self and Society now.

Let’s dive into this reality star stunning Divas rise to fame and get to know who is Kim Kardashian? Let’s go…

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While Kim Kardashian was in her eighth-grade. She already knew exactly what she wanted in life that was, friends, name, and Fame.

And now when we are in 2020. We know there are dreams that became a reality in a major way. But how did this young girl with a passion for being in front of the camera get all the way to the top of the fame and name chain?

What parts of her life? Does she sacrifice to become who she is today? Want to know how?

Not that you would know what it takes to run a business. But what you don’t know is Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born to Robert and Kris Kardashian on October 21st of 1980.

Kim is the middle of four children with Kourtney at the eldest and Khloe and Rob the two youngest. She was born into an already wealthy family who is prominent in the Los Angeles socialite Community.

Her father Robert Kardashian famously defended the famous OJ Simpson. He was in amongst ass one of the ten lawyers team. Who all were save him from the charges of murder. 

From 1994 to 1995, OJ was a friend of Kim’s father Robert. Actually, he reactivated his license to practice law to help his friend out.

However, the case has massively divided by the family. But we’ll get to know that later. Before the Simpson case changed the Kardashians lives. Kim had a normal life.

She was a normal kid like any other kid could be in their childhood. And the same goes for her. She was enjoying her wealthy life.

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If I talk about her young early life days. Basically, She grew up playing soccer and she went to Johnny Rockets for junk food as well. And not just only this she also dressed up pretending to be a dancer.

 Kim attended a Girls Roman Catholic school called Marymount High School in LA. The Kardashian siblings have had a wide mix of backgrounds on Chris’s side.

On her mother’s side, there is Dutch English Irish, and Scottish ancestry she belongs to. while on the other hand, Robert is the Third Generation Armenian-American.

Kim and her family have always said that they are really religious. In addition to this, they have been reported to take part in religious activity.

They also have morning group chats where they discuss it first from the Bible. When Kim was just a teen she did admit it that she took her parent’s car for a spin.

She posted a photo of her young self sitting in the driver’s seat with a pager. It was 1993 at the time. She said in the caption we might have snuck out and taken it for a spin growing up.

Kim was always the sensible one out of all the siblings despite this one little Joyride. I am guessing she never caused any trouble for her family.

And she was always reasonable which is probably why her father Robert openly favored Kim. Even though he knew she should increase Juniors cookbook.

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Look, yes, she has a cookbook. She revealed to fans that Robert used to say this that ‘I’m thankful for all my girls but especially Kim. Kim still misses her father and she’s even tried to contact him through different mediums.

Kim claims that on the miserable day of the famous Paris robbery. It’s been many years while her father passed away. But friends the interesting thing is that he tried to warn her on the day of the Paris robbery. Unbelievable! Isn’t it?

He did set an alarm for her. But the Blackberry alarm went off at 11 a.m. Even though she’s never set an alarm in her whole life. Since she is using a phone.

So it might be his father. I can’t say anything about this. But when Kris divorced Robert and remarried Bruce Jenner. And thereafter in 1991 Kim also became very close to Bruce.

Bruce says they’re usually pretty quiet. Well, things have certainly changed for her. At the age of 12, Kim dated Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ. Jackson.

The pair was a hot young couple. They lasted three years together. Her dad wrote her a letter saying that her body would Garner attention from men but that she should know her self-worth.

And the interesting fact is friends, her mother put Kim on birth control at only 14 years old. It’s ultimately put Chris under a lot of fire. Which she explained as a mother you protect your children.

For years many people called Kim Paris Hilton’s assistant. This fact is entirely untrue Kim does how to get in with the top.

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But she was never Hilton’s assistant. Kim did however work as Hilton’s personal closet organizer. Kim would go to famous and rich people’s homes organizing their closet and selling whatever they didn’t want on eBay.

Some of Kim’s famous clients included Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Rob Lowe, and Brandy. And it was because of Brandi that she later became famous.

But more on that later earlier, I briefly touched on the whole Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson trial. Well, I am back in this because this was a major event in Kim and her family’s lives.

As I mentioned before Robert defended his good friend OJ after he was tried for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Bronco the trial against OJ including the pursuit and the arrest is said to be one of the most publicized criminal trials in American history also being called the trial of the century because of its International appeal.

So why is all this criminal business interest in Kim’s story? Well, the trial was so famously publicized. This made a household name of Kardashian in all around the USA.

And friends Kim was right there standing along with her family for all the uncertainty. This caused major tension in the family when Roth joined the defense team for OJ. it means he divided the family.

He was definitely stunned. I mean you could look at his face and see it with all the media publicity the case got despite the negativity. It stood with the Kardashian name on the map.

Perhaps it was in her blood or perhaps the little clips of her family on E-news got to Kim. But either way, she realized she loved Fame.

Kim did one thing more she took a decision to use her stepbrother Brody Jenner to get entry into the most popular reality TV show of that time. The name of that show was the hills.

Kim appeared in multiple scenes and season 2 at Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt housewarming party. However, those scenes were left on The Cutting Room floor and never made it to the show.

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Kris Jenner even once confronted Spencer asking him if he’d manage her daughter Kim’s career. Spencer laughed in her face. But now I’m sure he’s definitely regretting that snippet of Fortune that he missed out on.

In 2000 Kim married for the first time to a man named Damon Thomas. He was a music producer. Kim Married Damon when he was 10 years older than her. She was only 19.

But the couple didn’t last. Three years later in 2003. They filed for divorce. Kim’s divorce papers apparently claimed that Damon had abused her on multiple occasions including choking her, turning her against her family, and hitting her.

In the end, Kim received $56,000 from Damon who denied all claims of abuse that she made against him. What really would have happened.

I am not sure as it’s something that Kim rarely and more like never speaks about so much. So I can’t say anything about this more.

So that Kim’s second husband who many thought of was her first. Kris Humphries didn’t even know about it until weeks before.

He was going to propose to her in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim casually mentioned her first marriage and obviously. Everyone was shocked along with Kris Jenner.

Who was also there and said that Kim was making things really uncomfortable. That’s just Another memorable moment for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Back to the story of Kim Kardashian getting to the height of her fame. Do you know friends, in 2006 Nick Lachey had very publicly divorced Jessica Simpson?

The two had a reality show called the newlyweds’ Nick and Jessica. Moreover, Nick at the time was at his height of Fame.

However, Kim was not so famous at that time. The two started dating. And friends it claims that Kim informed the paparazzi.

So that she would be able to be seen with him. Kim was suddenly but surely finding her way into this fame world. In addition to this more, she was working all Corners to get where she wanted to be.

In May of 2013  to his interview with Details magazine. Nick claims that Kim tried to use him to get famous. He said that let’s just said we went to movies. No one followed us there and somehow.

Mysteriously when we left the movie theatre. There were 30 photographers waiting outside. There were certain ways to play the game and no doubt some people play that game well.

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Well adding more he called that one right and she sure does know how to grow her empire very well. So the question is if Kim would use Nick to get famous. Would she use her own body to get famous?

Remember how I mentioned meeting Brandi and how it would change Kim’s life. Well, friends, Kim through her friend Brandy’s brother Ray J. She would film the infamous sex tape with. Shocking revelation! isn’t it?

And friends let me tell you one interesting fact that the tape just would lead to only the start of Kim’s Fame or name.

How does one become famous for being famous? Doing something controversial that the world you look at with judgment then defend it and Kim did just that.

She played her cards right in the situation. And so did her mother Kris Jenner from this tape onward. Nothing would ever be the same.

There’s been so much controversy over Kim and her mother Kris. People were criticizing her. They said Kardashians did all just because of lame fame and name.

Kim was even already referred to as the new it girl. The magazine wrote that she owns a high-end La Boutique – reorganizes the closet professionally. 

And with that, she was doing Lindsay Lohan’s next week’s styles celebs and slang closet accessories on infomercials. So if Kim was already being called the next it girl. what she need to release such a provocative tape.

On top of it all while Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired for the first time on October 14th, 2007. Only months after the tape leaked. Could the tape have been a dangerous way to market the new show?

Well, let’s go back to the interviews complex after Kim had denied any tape existing. They followed up by asking our sex videos the new stepping stone.

Because her BFF at the time Paris Hilton had an Infamous one Kim answered. I don’t know that’s a weird thing. I’m not gonna lie when someone has one definitely go look it up on the internet.

Everyone does well. Paris has been the one who got the idea of floating Kim’s head on how to become even more famous.

At the very end of this drama, Steve Hirsch Vivid Entertainment CEO interviewed page six. He revealed the real truth of what happened the rumors about Kris. Was she involved or not?

He said Kim wanted to leak her sex tape was totally fake. The tape did leak from the third party. But still, that meant that they needed to rights from both Ray and Kim.

While the interviewer asked him, did he wanted to release the footage? At that time he didn’t want to release the tape because of Kim. But because of the people that she was connected to her. Hirsch told page six that it was a very difficult time.

And ultimately we were able to come to an agreement. It was one of the most difficult deals he ever did. Probably the hardest deal we’ve done.

Kim did not want to make it happen. But that means that yes, Kim and Ray J did sign something. She ended up selling the footage to Vivid and they were legally allowed to distribute it.

Rumors are that she received approximately five million dollars. But Kim’s lawyer Marty singer says that that number was greatly inflated.

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The conclusion is the tape legally released after getting permission from Kim. And there was no involvement of Kris in that matter.

Later speaking to Oprah Kim told her that the tape jump-started her career. And part of her family on the map and it began their path to fame.

The interview between Kim and Oprah did shoot after keeping up the Kardashians already aired on tv and the sex tape released.

In 2012 Kim did admit to Oprah that she is being interviewed in her show after she got name and fame. And that is a huge regret to her. Kim had seen to the worldwide Fame that she is today. The tape changed her life.

But Kris Jenner getting the reality show deal for her family, which was a major success. Maybe even more than they all realized is what would ultimately allow Kim’s Fame to last.

Kim thrived on the show becoming what most people know her as the most famous of the Kardashian.

In the first episode, Kris would even talk about Kim’s junk in her trunk. Which once again it became a major defining factor as to who Kim was.

Kim has used her worldwide Fame and notoriety to endorse hundreds of products on her social media and in the show. This is huge if not, one of the largest contributing factors to the Stars income.

Hence using her Fame to stay famous at this point Kim opened her own makeup brand. Which is taking off called KKW Beauty.

And has rock her net worth in 2020 to an estimated 900 million dollars. Kim uses her Fame to sell products to Young influential people who love the long-lasting reality show and reality star herself.

Many criticized the family for using their fame in this way. But then again many people can’t pull themselves away from watching the famous star.

It seems that all Kim ever wanted to be seen and heard and cheered for around the world. Now she is married to Kanye West and has four beautiful children.

North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

I wonder if her priorities have changed. Because her success crossed levels that many celebrities will never know.

From seen in multiple hit shows to take place on times 2015 list of the 100 most influential people. Not just this she did multiple businesses and publicity that never stopped her fame.

It seems that Kim will never be able to escape her own empire the one that she built. Even since she was little Kim always wanted to be famous. And when she grew up she wanted the same thing.

All this to say Kim Kardashian has taken over the world and is a celebrity icon in her own right. If I talk about her she did everything without any shame.

Kim has proved herself that she is not just a successful businesswoman but also a loving mother and as well as a reality star.

Famous for being famous. This slogan suits her perfectly.

Though we never know with Kim. It seems that she may be wondering if this is what she really wants for the rest of her life. But as the famous saying goes be careful what you wish for.

What is your opinion regarding Kim Kardashian? You can also tell us which celebrity love story you want to know more. Tell us your interest in the comment section which is friend down below.

If you like our blog please comment and share it with your friends, family, and relatives as well.

We will come back with another interesting topic, Till then take care, and Thank you. 

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