Who is Justin Bieber? A Teen Popstar To A Loving Husband|

                      Who is Justin Bieber? A Teen Popstar To A Loving Husband|

Who is Justin Bieber? you know him. We know him. Everybody knows him. But what was he like to be and how his life is. The famous worldwide singer having his best celebrity life that we know today?

We’re just about to tell you who is Justin Bieber? We will cover it all his life from birth to marriage. In addition to this more, we will add everything you all should know.

Justin was thrown into stardom at only 12 years old and he has mentioned several times that he wouldn’t suggest fame for anyone starting at such a young age, but why?

What kind of trauma has he gone through to regret the spotlight at the protein and what he really has trade-off for a normal life.

And what’s up with his spiritual journey? So just sit tight and we’ll fill your head right here on the Showbiz Drama. 

If you are a Justin Bieber fan then just stuck with us because you are going to take a lot from here and won’t be disappointed.  Without any further ado let’s start our today’s topic, who is Justin Bieber?

Let’s jump into the main topic. Shall we? Yeah, Let’s go…

Justin Drew Bieber born March 1st in 1994. He was born to Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber and in the Tiny Town of Ontario, Canada.

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Patty was only 17 years old at the time of Justin’s birth. And she was a teen herself by her age. Basically a teen girl.

Patty had a dark past of life where she made money as a drug dealer. Not just this after drug dealing she also tried to commit suicide.

Luckily for the future of baby Justin, his mother ended up in the center for mental health. In this center, she had a spiritual awakening of some sort. And began her walk as a devout Christian. Was she still follows to this day?

It was hard to break the on-again-off-again relationship. She had with Jeremy Bieber. Which we get we’ve all been there and she ended up pregnant with Justin.

His father Jeremy was not there for his birth. But Patty mentioned that it was not due to love lost. But that he was in jail at that time.

At some point in the next few years, Jeremy would leave to start a family with a new woman. And Patty would take on single motherhood like a true champion that she is.

Baby Justin and mother Patty lived with her parents in a three-bedroom home until Justin achieved major theme status. He spent his childhood in Stratford, Ontario.

I’m sure that living with Justin’s grandparents was a huge help to Patty during the beginning of his life. It’s been said that we owe Patty and Jeremy both for Justin’s love of music and the ability to play instruments.

His mother gave Justin a drum set at the age of only two years old. Which honestly sounds a little insane to all of us. Can you even imagine living in a tiny three-bedroom home with a two-year-old and a drum set?

Yeah see there, but Patty knew what she was doing and Justin fell in love with keeping a beat. His father Jeremy re-entered his life here and there throughout his childhood.

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And one of the times he decided to teach Justin how to play the guitar. Which is where it all really began. Justin also played soccer and hockey like, Many Canadian boys do.

But the music really stole his heart. They decided to run with it. Justin began to sing and play guitar while his mother would record him.

She would upload these videos on YouTube for their family and friends to enjoy his Angelic little voice. They spend time honing his craft by having him play music on the street corner.

There are many videos of Stratford Ontario theater where tourists fall in love with his little shaggy-haired preteen. You can hear onlookers’ remarks as they say this kid should be famous over and over.

Can you imagine being one of the first to experience Justin and all of his preteen Glory? These unexpected fans or the first Believers as he won their hearts with just a few songs and a guitar.

Justin was in a local singing competition in Stratford where he won second place. The video of his winning performance was uploaded to YouTube by his mother. It was special because of this very video. He was discovered.

You might know Scooter Braun, a big-time talent manager founder of SP projects. And most recently one of Time magazine’s Top 100 most influential people.

He found one of Justin’s videos as he was scrolling through YouTube at 2 a.m. He knew with one look that he had to get Justin and front of a label and producers.

But the chase wasn’t easy. Patty Justin’s mother was very cautious of all industry men and opportunities. Because they said that they didn’t have any money for a big enough lawyer to seal the deals.

She didn’t feel comfortable signing anything without counsel. That was a wise decision to make for such a young mom. I’m incredibly proud of Patty for putting a child’s well-being before the money.

But Scooter was relentless. He watched the YouTube video over and over until finding where it was shot. And seemingly says Justin an interview stalking them.

He found out where they lived and was able to start calling and offering them ideas. Patty shut him down several times before finally calling him to say do not call us back.

Although that’s not how this conversation took place. They ended up on the phone for hours and scooter offered to fly Justin and his mother to Atlanta.

Justin interacts with the interviewer and early Interviewed that the flights were free to them with Scooter covering the cost, which is the only way they could handle that.

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The time this trip to Atlanta would end up changing Justin’s life forever. He ended up in front of Usher, Island Records, and Justin Timberlake. Justin and his mother appeared on the first interview with a full circle.

A Christian talk show. On the show, Patty disclosed that Justin was being courted or fought over by several different labels. Not to mention both Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted him.

They decided to take the deal with Usher and Island Records. We found a video of Justin posted on his YouTube page in April 2009.

This teaser shows Justin singing one time when Usher stops to introduce him as the newest island Def Jam recording artist. The video is heartwarming. As I remember the innocent look in Justin’s smile.

As he grumbles thinking that he actually messed up. Which is why he thought initially Usher walked into the room. This video was right before Justin’s overnight Fame.

The release of his first single one time was a hit immediately reaching the Canadian Hot 100 and number 12 spot during the first week. Later being certified platinum by both the US and Canada.

He was still recording his My World album at the time. But everyone could clearly see that his career was about to skyrocket.

During his first time in Atlanta, Justin started dating his first girlfriend Caitlin Beatles. Who he met because they attended the same church. But after some time, they broke up.

Because Caitlin did not want to be in the spotlight. She wanted to be a normal girl. I can’t blame her. But she and her family are still good friends for Justin.

You can find adorable videos of the two in 2009. They were smitten. In an interview with ABC News, says it still feels like a dream-like right now.

It feels like I’m in a dream. He continued saying I’m starting to realize that this is crazy. I used to listen to the radio and hear other people. And now I’d listen and hear myself. It’s crazy.

We imagine it would feel like a dream to go from being incredibly poor to what the Guardian news website deemed the most Googled name on the planet.

His My world tour was announced on March 16th, 2010. Just one week before his full-length album My World 2.0 was released. Justin would end up touring from June 23rd, 2010 to October 20th of 2011.

During the tour he would release the Never Say Never remix with Jaden Smith. And an acoustic version of my world. He also released his Christmas album under the mistletoe.

You can say, he was a little busy during this time. He also began his on-again-off-again relationship with Selena Gomez. Although it took them nearly a year to finally announce it. But we all knew, didn’t we Believers? 2011 was their year.

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They were spotted everywhere together. Justin released his second full-length album Believe. And in 2012, which obviously peaked at number one on Billboard charts.

But nearing November of the same year the two broke up. And started the back and forth. That has only just ended due to the Whirlwind marriage to Hailey Baldwin. But I’ll get to that later.

After the Jelena break up. Justin seemed to hit the first real downward spiral. As 2013 was a year of controversies. He began the Year by peeing in a bucket and yelling F Bill Clinton.

I still have no idea what that was about then. He became a wanted criminal in Australia for vandalism. And it was the year of his pet monkey being seized by German Customs.

After he couldn’t produce that proper Health papers. They ended up keeping the monkey named Molly. And charging Justin upwards of $8,000 to place him in a zoo.

He kept off the year by telling his fans that he would be retiring no longer to return to the music scene. This year was so full of drama.

Even Googling Justin Bieber 2013 will bring you countless articles. Titled Justin’s troubled year or 25 dumbest things Justin Bieber has ever done.

2013 was the year of his tour bus being busted for marijuana and pictures of him holding a joint surfaced. There were multiple accounts of violence as Justin lashed out at neighbors fans and Paparazzi too many times to count.

With all this chaos and controversies. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what was happening with Justin’s career during this time. So let’s catch up.

In 2013 he released the documentary ‘Believe’. Where we all saw people intervening and telling Justin that he has major potential to crash and never come back like many child celebrities before him.

This documentary was shot while Justin spent his life on the road. He released 10 downbeat R&B songs for 10 straight Mondays and place them in an album entitled journals.

Which you may or may not have heard. Because well, it really didn’t make a splash but that’s okay. In May he won the first-ever Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards.

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Justin moved in  14. Global News covered the year as the year of Justin Bieber Behaving Badly. Unfortunately, it was very very similar here to the one prior.

He threw eggs at his neighbor’s mansion. And was arrested and accused of drag racing a Lamborghini Gallardo Under the Influence. A few weeks later, Justin rented out a private jet to the Super Bowl with his father.

But the pilots complained that they had to wear oxygen masks. The entire time to get away from the marijuana smoke. This summer was full of more accusations and remorse. 

For example, Justin found trouble everywhere he went. At a nightclub, he was in some sort of altercation with actor Orlando Bloom. After he made several rude comments about Orlando’s ex Miranda Kerr.

It seems like once you get a few scandals roaming with a celebrity. People come out of the woodwork to claim something new.

A baby violence Justin had to go into questioning for all of it. Even Judge Judy had an opinion about the situation. Saying being a celebrity is a gift.

She futher said You can either treat it with respect or you can make a fool out of yourself. She continued and he’s doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.

In 2015, we see a year of transformation for the beams. Instead of trouble, he gets serious about his upbringing and Christianity.

He released his album purpose. The album sold five hundred and twenty-one thousand copies in the first week. That week just in passed up both the Beatles and Drake’s records.

Placing 17 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 list and passing the record of 14 songs. Justin said that this was his most personal record yet.

He said that he didn’t just want to call up Max Martin. A very successful Swedish songwriter and producer to bust out another hit song.

This album would be one of owning up to his faults and taking responsibility and the form of apologies. This is the moment Justin grew up and became a true artist instead of a child puppet star.

Instead of being told what to do and it did earn him a little respect. Justin went on his purpose tour for 18 months. But in the end, he decided to cancel the tour.

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Due to what he says were unforeseen circumstances and mental Clarity. This was after Bieber would reprimand fans from the stage and canceled $2,000 meet and greets.

Because he felt unhappy. He said he felt his fans made him feel like an animal in a zoo. It seemed like Justin was burnt out and exhausted.

Some other celebrities even praised Bieber for canceling the tour for his mental health. It did come out a little later that he decided to be more dedicated to his Christian walk.

Which may be why the tour was canceled. TMZ claimed that Justin was canceling his tour to potentially start his own church.

That never quite happened. So it could have been a rumor. Justin decided to rededicate his life to Jesus. And he even had his Pastor BFF Carl Lentz.

The pastor of Hillsong New York City Church come and baptize him in the middle of the night in Tyson Chandler’s bathtub.

Being baptized in the Christian faith is to make a statement to yourself and those around you that you’re starting fresh and forgetting the past.

Justin would be seen at church frequently. And he started posting captions, like, let the devil know, not today Satan. The devil has no power at all when you know, the Living God is somewhere, whose name is Jesus. Why worry when you can worship.

Justin started making good-hearted choices. For instance, when he performed in Manchester England at the venue. Where 22 people were killed in a bomb explosion at Ariana Grande’s performance.

Justin told the crowd and God is good in the midst of Darkness. One God is good in the midst of evil. Second God is in the midst no matter what is happening in the world. ThirdGod is in the midst and he loves you and he’s here for you.

During this transition. It seems like Selena Gomez may be back in the picture. They often captured going to church together each week. And said to have been seen together in deep conversation.

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This was right after Selena’s nine-month relationship with the weekend. But after a quick fling of weekend trips and family weddings. Selena decided to call it off.

Some rumors say that she chose to break up with Justin. Because her family and friends haven’t approved of the relationship since the original drama. And it came down to choosing between her family and her relationship.

Justin moved on with his new life and super model Hailey Baldwin. The two celebrities went to the same church. And they were on again off again for several months.

But suddenly they surprised everybody with their surprise marriage. Hailey and Justin seem over the moon in love. But they are good at keeping everything on the down-low.

They have shown how comfortable they are with each other. Often they’ve both spotted wearing matching sweatpants and they are active on Instagram.

Justin also revealed his nickname for Hailey. He allegedly calls her honey buns pumpkin. Maybe that’s what he thinks about their love.

Either way, it’s completely adorable. But honestly, we can’t wait we love happy endings and we wish Justin and Hailey all the best.

Justin is a man of surprises and constant energy. There’s no doubt in our minds that he’s about to do something great with Hailey Bieber standing by his side. Now you will now say who is Justin Bieber? Because you know a lot of things about him now.

The life of the Rich and Famous is often intimidating. I’m glad these two found each other. 

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