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Binod | Who is Binod? Why he is trending everywhere?

Binod – Today we are going to discuss the most trending topic on social media whether it’s YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM. Binod is everywhere and it seems it has become the topic of the town. We will tell you about the facts related to the most trending topic that is’ Who is Binod ?’ ‘Why he is trending ?’ and ‘Why everyone is searching about Binod ?’


So not wasting your precious time more because we know you are in a hurry to know each and everything about the most famous name on the internet Binod. So here we are.


You all must have read or heard about him somewhere and somehow that’s why you came to visit on this our website because from the past few days there’s memes and jokes making on Binod and he is everywhere.

 Nowadays everywhere is he whether its youtube twitter Instagram or Facebook. It has become a hot topic on social media. His memes are spreading faster than coronavirus.

Now here is the question that comes in every person’s mind that who is he? Is he a celebrity or star? What is the mystery behind this name?

Let’s have a glimpse of this trending topic.

His full name is Binod Thakur. He has an account on youtube named Binod Tharu in which he never uploaded any video. He does not have any logo on his account. His activities are limited to watching youtube videos and leaves a comment that is Binod. Instead of commenting on the videos, he just posted his name ‘Binod‘.

His comments are brought into notice by another youtube channel named ‘Slayy point‘. The famous channel ‘Slayy point‘ run by both Abhyudaya and Gautami. They created a video on July 15 titled ‘Why Indian Comment Section is Garbage(Binod), however, the video went viral.

They wanted to show their subscribers how pointless and stupid comments are there in the comment section. After that it all started, people just started commenting Binod in every youtube channel.

It was quite peculiar that seven people also like this comment him. These comments drew strong contemplation from mass and social media commentators.

After that many YouTubers noticed that in comment section his name is written all over. As the video went viral, this became a growing trend and people started picking up on the trend. Social media posts and comments are filled with the name Binod.

On 9 August, in Times Of India, the headlines were ‘Binod: The most bizarre meme trend of the year.’ From Netflix to Disney + Hotstar, everywhere is Binod. Netflix India makes ‘Binod’ memes on Stranger things, Sex education, Netizens have a hearty laugh. But for sure you cannot control your laughter after reading memes on his name.

But this is not enough there is much more. One of the tweeter users challenged Paytm to change their username to his name Paytm accepted the challenge and change the username to Binod. Binod memes became one of the top trends on tweeters. Here are some tweets listed below

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Mumbai police tweet – Dear #Binod, we hope your online name is not your password. It’s pretty viral, change it now!
#Online Safety

Jaipur Police make an acronym, tweet
What is #Binod

B – Buckle up the seatbelt before driving
I – Inform the police about any suspicious activity.
N – Never drink and drive.
O – Obey COVID guidelines
D – Dial 100 for any help or assistance

Nagpur City Police tweet

Dear# Binod, we know you have gone very viral, But your safety is important.corona is more famous than you so stay home, stay safe.

Food ordering app Swiggy was celebrating their birthday and hoping that most probably he would call them at 12 and wish them, they also tweet

We think he will be the first person to call and wish us at 12 tonight.
The Twitter handler of the famous reality show ‘Big Boss‘ also speculated that he could be a contestant in big boss this year.
It is wholly jocular whether he exists or not, but the world is talking about him more and more.

There was more than thousands fake account in his name created anonymously.

I hope this blog would help you to increase your knowledge regarding this trending topic.
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Till then take care and Thankyou.

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