Who Is Ariana Grande Dating? Everything All You Need To Know |

              Who Is Ariana Grande Dating? Everything All You Need To Know |

In this post friends, I have come up with a new topic that is Who Is Ariana Grande Dating? Mystery man revealed? Yes, today in this post I’ll tell you all about her mystery man.

Because fans are often curious to know who is she dating. Because she was single after she had a break up with her ex-boyfriend or you can say fiance Pete Davidson.

Recently the news of Ariana Grande dating broke the internet and her mystery man got revealed. Her new boyfriend is Dalton Gomez. Yes, friends, she is in a relationship again. According to some reports, Ariana and Dalton are dating since January 2020. But they kept it secret.

However, they say you can’t hide the truth for a very long time as it comes out anyhow. They did lots of efforts to stay away from the public and the media. But the truth came out. Dalton is a real estate tycoon.

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The world got to know about them. When Dalton was seen in her music video Justin Bieber ‘Stuck with you’. Dalton was in that music video and not only just this video he has also spotted in her other music videos too.

Ariana Grande and Dalton introduced their relationship to the world through their social media account Instagram. Where they revealed they are dating. And fans question who is Ariana Grande dating? Got solved.

Rumors are the couple was quarantined together in Ari’s Los Angles home. Well, friends if you are thinking that his current boyfriend is related to the entertainment world then let me tell you.

He does not have any connection to the entertainment world. Because he is A list of real estate buyers. On her 27th birthday, Grande posted a picture on her social media account. In that pic, Dalton was also with her. That’s how the whole world got to know about them.

Dalton is not her only boyfriend she has a past of several relationships with several men. Though all her relationship broke coming in midway. If you don’t know anything about her past relationships then don’t worry this is what I’m going to tell you all about her.

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                  Ariana Grande Past Relationships History

Before being in a relationship with her current boyfriend, Ariana was with lots of men whom she dated for some time. her last relationship was comedian Pete Davidson.

               Ariana and Davidson Relationship Together

Ariana and Pete met on the set of Saturday night show after hosting a party in 2018. Pete is a comedian and has good fame with his name. They both instant started dating and started seeing together publically. Both never hide their feelings for each other.

As they always expressed their love openly. Friends they both just didn’t stop here after a few days they got engaged. Pete and Ariana spent a lot of time together.

In fact friends, Ariana had a tattoo of his name however, Ariana in a chat show broke the silence dramatically and told they decided to quit their engagement. And not in any relationship now. As a result, the tattoo was also gone. She removed that tattoo.

Though She has made a song about him named ‘Pete Davidson’ in her album Sweetener. In addition to this more, she also mentioned his name in her famous song Thank u next. 

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                Miller and Ariana Grande Relationship Together

Ariana also dated him, not just the date they also engaged too. It was her longest relationship with anyone. Mac and Ariana met around 2012. Both Ari and Miller were friends and collaborated together in many songs.

They shared a very good bond. However, they are dating this news that came in the highlight in 2016. While these two-spotted together kissing in a restaurant.

However, reports are the reason for their breakup is Mac’s violent behavior towards her. This might be the reason the couple ended their lovely relationship. In the spring season 2018, they broke up but remained friends.

He was always so close to her death when she got to know her sudden death she posted a photo of Mac looking at her on her Instagram. this broke her inside. But she did overcome and did not let this affect her.

In January 2020 Grande also posted a never seen before Mac’s video on his birthday and gave a caption about what would have been Miller’s Birthday.

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             Ricky and Ariana Relationship Together

I bet if you have heard the song thank u next then you must have heard Ricky’s name in her song too. Yep friends they dated too. Ricky was a backup dancer in Ari’s dance squad.

Ari was the one who did break up with him. They ended their relationship on good terms. Because they didn’t make it together. Ricky never cheated or did anything even though the relationship was not long.

          Ariana Grande and Big Sean Relationship Together

Ariana also had a past with Big Sean. The two also dated each other. In 2014 they made their debut as a couple on the MTV VMA’s red carpet together. Sean called off her engagement with his fiance Naya Rivera. Again this was just a short period of time. As it was not a long relationship and they still care and respect for each other.

Friends, now you definitely want to know who is the first person she has dated. Her first relationship. Right? Then don’t be disappointed. I will tell you that too.

Grande’s first relationship was with Graham Phillips. And it was in 2008. At that time both were teenagers. Ari and Phillip also dated almost three years and had a break up in 2011. However, they are still on good terms. Phillip also has attended some concerts that mean they are still friends.

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These are all the names with whom Ariana Grande shared relationships. Now if the question comes in your mind who is Ariana Grande dating then friends just know the answer. She is dating now her new love interest Dalton and I hope she remains happy with him. Because she deserves the world.

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