Aamir Khan Gets Trolled On The Internet By The Netizens |

            Aamir Khan Gets Trolled On The Internet By The Netizens |

Aamir Khan – In this post, we are going to discuss one of the most popular Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. He got brutally trolled on the internet by the netizens. But the question is, Why he got badly trolled? What is the reason behind it? We will try to know the reason.

So let’s try to figure out. But before we start this topic let’s know some about who is Aamir Khan.

Mohammad Amir Hussain Khan, born on 14 march in 1965. He is an actor, director, filmmaker. Aamir Khan has also hosted the television reality show. The name of the show was Satyamev Jayate. It was aired in 2012 on famous Indian channel Star Plus.

Aamir Khan also won many awards for his superb acting. Aamir Khan has gained huge popularity with his spectacular acting.

Every time he has proved himself that why he is called ‘The Perfectionist’. We all enjoyed Aamir Khan’s movies. Well, Aamir Khan has always been in limelight for various reasons. 

However, whenever we heard such kind of news like celebrities getting trolled and facing backlashes. That is really disheartened. Nowadays it has become a trend to troll anyone very easily.

This time it is Aamir Khan, who got trolled by social media users. Most People tagged him as ‘Desh Drohi’ ‘Coward’. Superstar Aamir Khan faces the wrath of fans.

He is accused of meeting the enemy. This step of Aamir Khan aroused much controversy among Indian people.

Let’s know in detail about this new trend. What is the whole matter?

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In this meantime, Aamir Khan is in Turkey for the shooting of his upcoming movie Laal Singh Chadda. If we talk about this movie, more than half of the shooting was completed before lockdown. However, due to the corona pandemic, the shooting was postponed.

As a result, the shooting was supposed to be in Ladakh but now the filmmakers decided to shoot in Turkey for the remaining part of the movie.

On 15 august Aamir arrived in Uber for meeting Turkey first lady Emine Erdogan. She is the wife of Turkey’s president.

According to the Turkey news report, Aamir requested to Emine Erdogan for the meeting. After meeting Emine Aamir told her that his wife lived in Turkey for two weeks and his wife is very happy to meet turkey people.

Further, Aamir also spoke to Emine about the work of his NGO Pani foundation established by the actor and his wife Kiran Rao.

As soon as Erdogan reveal the pictures of her meeting with the superstar Aamir Khan. The netizens start to point out  Aamir for his Anti-Indian behavior.

Lately, Turkey is involved in Anti-Indian stances these days. Ever since Article 370 has ended in Kashmir, Turkey has been involved in countries that are supporting Pakistan.

After Turkey supported Pakistan on Kashmir issues, all the controversy over Aamir went to turkey has been brewing since then.

Netizens say that it is unwise to hold Aamir meeting with the Turkish president’s wife Emine. People were already angry with Turkey president, but after this meeting, they are angrier.

There are many reasons for People’s rage not only the meeting. Actually Aamir Khan in one of his interviews gave a statement, he says that

Kiran Rao and I have recall lives in India. For the first time, Kiran says we should move out of India. That is a disastrous and big statement for me. She fears for her children. She is scared of opening a newspaper.”

aamir khan kiran rao


Here it all started. Twitter users started trolling him and asking questions. One of the Twitter users wrote, ‘Aamir Khan didn’t wish on #Independence day but he had enough time spending with Turkey first lady. It looks like Kiran and Aamir find the new home cos India is intolerant’.

Another user wrote, ‘As Turkey refuses to budge from allegedly supporting Anti India sentiments, it’s found Bollywood str Amir khan knowing on it’s door on 15 august praising Erdogan for supporting several humanitarian protects concerning the education of women and children.’

Meanwhile, people are also saying that Is there less space in India? why did Aamir choose Turkey? Why did he cancel the shooting of Ladakh?

Friends let us know what is your reaction on this Aamir khan trolling.

Aamir Khan says someone is making fun of me or attacking me for no reason, I don’t bother’.Well, guys its very obvious in India to point out someone or comment without any reason.

Aamir Khan is not the type of person who comments on someone. He is quite honest and always focused on his work. He has his own ways. What do you think?

What is your opinion regarding this matter? Tell us in the comment section down below. If you like our blog please comment and share it with your friends, family, and relatives as well. We will come back with another trending topic, Till then take care and Thankyou. 

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